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Ultra Tile Fix Pro Level Fibre Reinforced Flexible Floor Leveller - 20kg - LAST FEW AVAILABLE

Ultra Tile Fix Pro Level Fibre Reinforced Flexible Floor Leveller 20kg Bags

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Ultra Tile Pro Level Fibre is a single part concrete floor leveller featuring our specially formulated fibre technology. This high strength, rapid curing and drying cementitious smoothing and levelling compound provides a strong, sound and even base.

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UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre is a single part, high strength, rapid drying and curing concrete floor leveller. The product's formulation incorporates a blend of specially graded fillers, cements, polymers and fibres. It is mixed with clean cold water to give a free flowing product that can be applied from 3-75mm in one application. Our specifically formulated fibre technology aids application and strength resulting in a strong, sound and even base ready to commence the tiling process after only 8 hours. Its fast set time (in good ambient conditions) enables light foot traffic in 3 hours.

Suitable Surfaces & Substrates:

  • Concrete subfloors
  • Tamped or pan floated concrete
  • Sand/cement screeds
  • Existing smoothing underlayments
  • Radiant electrical underfloor heating system
  • UltraFloor DPM IT
  • Terrazzo/granolithic ceramic tiles
  • Anhydrite/calcium sulphate/gypsum based screeds
  • Plywood/tile backer board
  • Warm water underfloor heating


Classification:        CT-C35-F6
Depth:        3-75mm
Working time at 20°C:        *20-30 Minutes
Walk on hardness time at 20°C:        *3 Hours (3mm application)
Commence the tiling process: *8 Hours (3mm application)
*24 Hours (5-15mm application)
*48 Hours (15-30mm application)
*72 Hours (30-50mm application)

For depths above 50mm leave 7 days before commencing the tiling process. (*Depending on substrate porosity, nature of flooring and notes in Curing & Drying above.)

Compressive Strength (N/mm²):        28 Days: 35.0 (to BS EN 13892-2)
Flexural Strength (N/mm²):        28 Day: 6 (to BS EN 13892-2)


Applied Thickness Coverage Per Unit (approx.) Consumption Per 10m² Area

3mm - 4.0m² - 2.5 bags

5mm  2.4m² 4.2 bags

10mm 1.2m² 8.4 bags

15mm 0.8m² 12 bags



Assessment: All subfloors should be protected from moisture from the subground by use of a base damp proof membrane (DPM) (please check older properties, which may not have a base DPM and consult UltraTileFix for advice). Assess moisture levels in accordance with BS 8203, to achieve a hygrometer reading of 75%RH or less. Where this is not attained a surface DPM should be used – the selection of which will be subject to the subfloor (please seek advice from UltraTileFix). Any surface laitance, adhesive residue, paints, weak smoothing underlayments and any other materials which will hinder UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre's bond with the subfloor should be mechanically removed. The subfloor should be clean, dry and sound. The area should also be dust free prior to any primer application.


All ratios are water:primer. Subfloors should always be primed. Primer should be allowed to dry prior to the application of UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre. Drying times will be based on ambient conditions - bear in mind that cold or damp/humid conditions, or poor airflow, can extend drying time (please see UltraTileFix ProPrimer datasheet for further information).

Porous Substrates:

The absorbency of floors/screeds can vary significantly, this is to be assessed by personnel on site. Apply a coat of primer diluted 3 parts water to 1 part primer. Allow to completely dry (usually 1-2 hours). Apply a second coat diluted 1 part water to 1 part primer and allow to completely dry before applying further materials. Note: on very absorbent substrates a third coat may be required diluted 1 part water to 1 part primer.

Non-porous Substrates:

 Including very dense substrates/subfloors. UltraTileFix ProPrimer should be applied neat, in a thin uniform coating and allowed to dry fully.


Concrete Subfloors:

Power floated concrete should be treated as nonporous. Mechanically abrade (shotblast or scarify) to remove surface hardeners and expose the cement/aggregate. Apply UltraTileFix ProPrimer neat in a thin uniform coating, allowing it to dry fully (usually 1-2 hours).

Tamped or Pan Floated Concrete:

Should be treated as porous, and any laitance or weak material should be mechanically removed to ensure a sound, dry and dust-free surface. Apply UltraTileFix ProPrimer diluted 3:1 with clean water and allow to dry fully (usually 1-2 hours).

Sand/Cement Screeds:

These should be strong enough for an application of UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre. Weak, friable or damaged screed should be uplifted and repaired. Apply UltraTileFix ProPrimer diluted 3:1 with clean water and allow to dry fully (usually 1-2 hours). Two-coat application may be required for very absorbent screeds.

Existing Smoothing Underlayments:

UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre can be used over most intact cementitious cement underlayments. Remove adhesive residues and treat as an absorbent floor. Apply UltraTileFix ProPrimer diluted 3:1 with clean water and allow to dry fully (1-2 hours). Apply a second coat diluted 1:1 with clean water allowing it to dry to a clear film (1-2 hours). Note: application is only suitable on subfloors that are in equivalent strength to UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre.

Terrazzo/Granolithic Ceramic Tiles:

These must be securely bonded, and any surface treatment should be mechanically removed. A good mechanical key should be ensured by abrading the surface using a Surface Texturing & Grinding (STG) machine (a diamond disc is recommended). These subfloors can be treated as low porosity and primed using UltraTileFix ProPrimer neat.

Calcium Sulphate/Anhydrite/Hemihydrate Screeds:

See relevant manufacturer’s technical datasheet. A barrier primer application is required. If moisture is above 75%RH we do not recommend using a surface DPM. These screeds often incorporate warm water underfloor heating systems which can be used, along with dehumidifiers, to speed up the drying process. Screed manufacturers normally suggest this can be conducted after 7 days minimum curing. Mechanically remove any laitance or weak material to leave a clean, dry and dust-free surface. We recommend an STG machine with suitable mesh grinding disc of 60-100 grade grit. Apply UltraTileFix ProPrimer diluted 3:1 with clean water and allow to fully dry overnight. Apply a second coat diluted 1:1 with clean water allowing it to dry to a clear film (usually 1-2 hours).

Plywood/Tile Backer Board:

Plywood must be of flooring grade and mechanically fixed to a sound strong base. UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre is only recommended for use with plywood of 15mm thickness and greater. Tile backer boards of 6mm thickness. Plywood must be sealed on the underside and along all edges to ensure moisture absorption from beneath is kept minimal. For thinner flooring grade plywood subfloors contact UltraTileFix’s technical department. Plywood and tile backer board absorbency differs depending on the nature of the surface. Normally a diluted coat of UltraTileFix ProPrimer (3:1 with clean water) is recommended. For dense surfaces of very low absorbency apply UltraTileFix ProPrimer neat in a thin uniform coating. Allow primer coats to fully dry.

Warm Water Underfloor Heating (UFH):

Systems must have been fully commissioned and brought up to their maximum temperature, and ideally switched off 48 hours before application. In the absence of other heat sources, the UFH may be set to ‘cutback’ position to achieve an air temperature of 15°C. Any expansion or movement joints must be carried through to the floor covering surface.

Radiant Electrical Underfloor Heating System:

UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre can also be used over electrical UFH systems where the cables are fixed to a sound strong mechanical fixed cement faced backer board. Apply UltraTileFix ProPrimer diluted 3:1 with clean water and allow to dry fully (usually 1-2 hours). It may also be used where electrical UFH is used over cementitious or calcium sulphate subfloors. Priming should be as per the substrate. In all cases UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre must be applied at a thickness of 5mm above the cables for resilient, textile and timber applications and a minimum of 3mm for application of stone, ceramic or porcelain products.

UltraFloor DPM IT:

Applications should be carried out within 36 hours of DPM application (see DPM IT datasheet). The DPM must then be primed with UltraTileFix ProPrimer neat in a thin uniform coating, allowing it to dry fully (usually 1-2 hours).

For any other scenarios please call UltraTileFix Technical Services for advice.


Mixing ratios of powder and water should be controlled to ensure a free flowing material suitable for 3-75mm application. Do not use excess water as this will affect the product performance and finish. For trowel/hand application mix in a clean bucket using clean cold water, as warm water will greatly reduce the product’s working time and may result in shrinkage. Pour 3.4 litres of water into an oversized bucket (20+ litres), and then gradually add the powder whilst mixing continually with an electric drill with power whisk. When all powder is added mix for a further 2 minutes, keeping the whisk below the surface (to minimise air entrapment) until a lump free creamy material is attained.

Once mixed, the product can be applied by pouring onto the floor and spreading with a smooth edge steel trowel. Plan to begin at the furthest point working back towards the point of entry to avoid walking through wet product. Maintain a wet edge to ensure adjacent mixes blend in correctly. For large areas or deep sections it may be beneficial to batten off areas into sections. Keep free from floor traffic and other trades whilst curing.


All curing and drying times are based on good site conditions, air temperature of 20°C, air humidity of maximum 75% and good ventilation. Cold, humid or damp sites, or those with poor airflow, will prolong curing and drying times, so make adequate allowances for such. Avoid strong drafts and direct sunlight during curing which can ‘force dry’ the product and result in excess tension and cracking. UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre is ready to receive light foot traffic after 3 hours. Once this leveller has been installed it must be ensured that it is fully dry before continuing the tiling process, to include priming and adhesive applications.


Tools should be thoroughly cleaned with water to remove excess material immediately after use and before adhesive sets.


All UltraTileFix levellers are manufactured to meet the performance requirements of BS EN 13813 and the relevant classifications.

References to BS EN13813:2002 confirms the minimum compressive and flexural strengths that the product will attain when tested to the standard. All figures stated are based on tests carried out under quality controlled environments using UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre with the correct water ratios. Actual results attained will be subject to site conditions and allowances should be made accordingly.

Please note that this product uses natural aggregates and other materials that may marginally vary in colour. This does not affect the consistency or characteristics of the product.


This product must be stored in unopened bags, clear of the ground in dry conditions. Avoid frost. Ideal storage temperatures are between 5˚C and 25˚C.


Under the above storage conditions this product has a shelf life of 8 months. High temperatures and high humidity will lead to a reduced shelf life.


Please ensure that appropriate PPE is used when preparing, mixing and applying products. Always wash hands before consuming food and make sure that materials are kept safely out of reach of children and animals. Please dispose of packaging and waste appropriately. A full Material Safety Data Sheet relating to this product is available from ultratilefix.co.uk.


All products are manufactured in a plant whose quality management system is certified as being in conformity with BE EN ISO 9001. UltraTileFix products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture and will be replaced or money refunded if the goods do not comply with our promotional literature. We cannot however accept responsibility arising from the application or use of our products because we have no direct or continuous control over where and how our products are used. All UltraTileFix products are sold subject to our terms and conditions of sales, copies of which may be obtained upon request.

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