Lithofin Multi Seal Hard Working Satin Finish - 5 Litre

Satin Finish Stone Sealer

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Multiseal is for rough stone and sandstone. Produces a satin finish, which strengthens the colour of the surface. Makes stone stain resistant and facilitates maintenance. Also ideal for refurbishing used surfaces. Ready to use, indoor only. Also available in 1 Litre

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A water based emulsion that produces a very hardworking satin finish that stops the penetration of dirt, oil, grease, water and helps avoid etching from acid foodstuffs. For rough and honed finished stone, concrete moulded slabs, terracotta and unglazed ceramics

A special product from the Lithofin range. It is a water-based product, which is ready for use and contains high-quality and natural waxes together with additives. Lithofin Wexa Multi Seal forms a protective film with a natural satin sheen. Dirt can no longer penetrate the surface of the stone or tile and therefore can be easily cleaned. Rough surfaces particularly benefit from treatment with Lithofin Wexa Multi Seal becoming smoother and easier to maintain. The stone surface will become scuff resistant, water resistant and will greatly reduce the incidence of staining from oil and grease. Surfaces retain their natural colour and appearance is often greatly improved with a brighter finish. The product is easy and safe to use.

Field of application and suitable surfaces:
Surfaces should be clean and completely dry. Any dirt or soiling should be removed with a Lithofin cleaner. Apply undiluted Lithofin Wexa Multi Seal uniformly with a soft brush, roller or sponge. It is usually necessary to apply two or three coats to achieve a uniform appearance. Leave one to two hours of drying time between coats. The suitable temperature range for application is 5-25°C. Clean any equipment used for the application activity with water.

Please Note:
Do not walk on the surface while it is drying out. Always treat the whole area of the room in question. Wipe off splashes on wood, glass, varnish, etc. with a damp cloth.

All porous surfaces should be treated with an appropriate Lithofin impregnator for best results.

About 7-12m2/L, depending on the surface.

For subsequent care-treatment, we recommend Lithofin Easy Care. If the protective effect diminishes, Lithofin Wexa Multi Seal can also be added to the wash water for maintenance.

Keep closed in a dry place not subject to temperatures below 0°C. Shelf life about 2 years.

Keep out of reach of children. Labelling requirements in accordance with Dangerous Material Regulations or EC-Guideline 88/379: None  ARD/RID: Not dangerous material

According to EC-recommendation: acrylates, waxes, preservatives.

Technical data:
Density: about1.0g/cm3
pH-value: 8-9
Appearance: a white emulsion/dispersion
Odour: virtually no smell

1L bottle with childproof cap (10 per carton) 5L canister (2 per carton).

Environmental Protection:
Water based, contains no organic substances. Water hazard group: 0 (own estimation). Container is made from environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE) and may be recycled. After internal washing, the containers may be disposed of through the Useful Material Collection Systems (see note on label). This information is provided without guarantee. The product should be used taking into account the local conditions and the surface to be treated. In all cases of doubt, test the product first in an inconspicuous

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