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Lithofin MN Cobble Wax For Antiqued Marble & Limestone - 1 Litre - LAST FEW AVAILABLE

Lithofin MN Cobble Wax For Antiqued Marble & Limestone - 1 Litre

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Finishing treatment for antiqued, sandblasted, tumbled or similarly processed surfaces marble and limestone floors. Creates a hardwearing film and richly coloured, shiny appearance. Makes surfaces less sensitive and easier to maintain. Easy to polish, indoor use, contains solvent, CHC-free.

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MN Cobble-Wax is a solid paste, which is easy to apply and spread. It is a ready-to-use wax system in paste form and contains natural and synthetic wax raw materials, which form a hardwearing film. MN Cobble-Wax is a solid paste, which is easy to apply and spread.

It forms a surface wax layer which can be polished when dry, provides colour intensification and gives the background a colour saturated, silky shine appearance. The surfaces are also less sensitive, easier to maintain and are made more attractive.

Field of Application and Suitable Surfaces:
For final treatment of floors in antique-cobbled marble, with sandblasted, acid or similarly treated surfaces. To improve resistance to stains the surfaces may also be pretreated with Lithofin MN Stain Stop. The MN Cobble-Wax treatment results in a strong colour, antique-effect appearance. MN Cobble-Wax is also used for maintaining already waxed surfaces. It is not suitable for polished or sealed surfaces, or for external use.

The background must be completely dry, clean, free of stains and absorbent. Cement film can be removed with Lithofin MN Cement Away or MN Builder’s Clean and these acids will also roughen up or open the pores of the stone and make it easier for the wax to penetrate. Any powdery lime deposits can, if necessary, be removed mechanically with a hard pad. Pre-treatment with Lithofin MN Stain Stop is possible to improve resistance to stains. In this case apply MN Cobble Wax about 12 hours after applying Lithofin MN Stain-Stop. The temperature of the surface must not be below 12°C.

Directions for Use:
We strongly recommend applying to a sample surface. This shows what the result will be and gives information on how much to apply, drying time etc. Lithofin MN Cobble Wax is ready-to-use and can be applied directly from the tin. With more impervious surfaces, it should be warmed up in a water-bath so it becomes more liquid. The fluid, warm wax will penetrate more deeply and give greater deepening of colour. Apply evenly and thinly, spread and rub in with a lint free cloth. You may need to apply treatment twice with strongly absorbent, porous stone. Polish with a brush or polishing pad when dry.

About 20m2/L, for first treatment, depending on type of surface. About 40m2/L, when re-waxing. Drying time: About 2 hours to polishing. has set hard after about 12 hours.
Where larger amounts are applied, extend the drying time to about 24 hours.

After Treatment:
Further care of the antique marble surface should be done with Lithofin Easy Care Cleaner, which should always be used with washing water. If the surface becomes matt or dull freshen up with Lithofin MN Care Sheen, or re-wax with Lithofin Cobble Wax.

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