Kerakoll Nanodefense Eco - Eco-Friendly Waterproofing / Tanking Solution - 5kg

Kerakoll Nanodefense Eco - Eco-Friendly Waterproofing / Tanking Solution - 5kg

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Certified, eco-friendly, organic, water-based, mineral waterproofing product for absorbent substrates in damp environments, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Single-component with very low volatile organic compound emissions. Safeguards the health of both operators and the environment.

Nanodefense® Eco develops total water-resistance under positive thrust guaranteeing the protection of absorbent substrates or those subject to damp, or in constantly humid environments.

GreenBuilding Rating

Nanodefense® Eco

  • Category: Organic Mineral Products
  • Class: Nanotech waterproofing products for substrate
  • Rating: Eco 5

Product Strengths

  • Suitable for subsequent laying of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stone using mineral adhesives
  • High elasticity and chemical stability
  • It can be easily applied with a spreader or roller to any substrate

Eco Notes

  • Formulated with locally-sourced minerals meaning lower greenhouse gas emission during transportation
  • Water-based, limits the risk of loads that could be harmful and dangerous to the environment during storage and transportation
  • Improved on-site safety guaranteed

Areas of Use

Use Waterproofing of smooth, compact and absorbent substrates before laying ceramic coverings with adhesives.

Compatible adhesives:

  • mineral adhesives and mineral adhesives with SAS technology
  • single-component and two-component organic mineral adhesives
  • cement-based, water-dispersed, reactive-epoxy and polyurethane two-component adhesives

For internal use. Concrete flooring, compact and smooth cement-based screeds, prefabricated or fresh concrete castings, gypsum, plasterboard and gypsum brick walls, cement-based plasters and finishing products and cement-lime mortar.

Do not use

Do not use in external applications, on wet surfaces or substrates subject to moisture rising; in environments where water is always present, baths, swimming pools and tanks.

Instructions for use

Preparation of substrates Substrates must be compact, smooth and absorbent, free from dust, oil and grease, free from moisture rising, with no loose and inconsistent debris. Varnishes and paints must be removed completely. The substrate must be stable, non-deformable and with no cracks. Plasters with a gypsum base must present a residual humidity ≤ 1% and screeds with an anhydrite base ≤ 0.5%, both of which should be measured with a carbide hygrometer. Check for traces of thin finishing, that would interfere with the subsequent laying of heavy surface coverings such as ceramic tiles.

Instructions for use

Preparation Nanodefense® Eco is ready-to-use and does not need any preparation. In any case, before use it is advisable to remix the product inside the pack to ensure the mixture is of an even consistency. Any excess waterproofing product can be kept for later use by putting the lid back on the packaging.


Apply a fine, uniform film, preferably using a short bristle, synthetic fibre roller, a steel spreader or brush. When applied with a roller or brush, wait until the first coat has hardened before proceeding with the second one (≈ 1 hr depending on the absorbency level of the substrate and temperature) in order to ensure waterproofing. Nanodefense® Eco is ready-to-use and does not need any preparation. Angles and hydraulic couplings must be joined respectively using a non-woven polypropylene tape with Aquastop 70 waterproof treatment and relative accessories applied directly with Nanodefense® Eco.


Nanodefense® Eco can be removed from tools and other surfaces by washing them using water before the product hardens or with solvents once hardened.

Special Notes

On highly absorbent substrates, apply a base coat by diluting Nanodefense® Eco with water depending on substrate absorption (max 5%). After this, apply the second undiluted coat using a steel spreader or roller to ensure the watertightness of the surface. If necessary, Aquastop AR1 special reinforcing mesh made of alkali-resistant glass fibre can be inserted, followed by a further coat of Nanodefense® Eco.

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