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Dural Durabase SW Under Tile Sound Proofing & Decoupling Mat - 15m x 1m

Dural Durabase SW Matting

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Dural Durabase SW Matting Dural Durabase SW Installation Dural Durabase SW Matting Dural Durabase SW Installation

DURABASE SW matting is only 1.5 mm thick, 15 metres long, 1 metre wide, and consists of 3 layers of polypropylene and a layer of plastic-bonded quartz sand, which delivers outstanding improvements in terms of footfall sound reduction and insulation. It decouples tiled surfaces from the subsurface and reduces footfall sound. The mat also insulates the tiles against cold sub-surfaces.

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1. Noisy tiles Ceramic floor coverings can transmit noise to lower levels in buildings if the insulation is inadequate or missing. This noise can be a persistent disturbance for the people living below.

2. Cold tiles Ceramic tiles in particular are considered by many people to feel cold underfoot. If there is no underfloor heating or other heated rooms below the tiles, ceramic floors can get cold quite quickly.


DURABASE SW, the “silent flooring” is a matting underlay system measuring just 1.5 mm thick, 15 metres long, 1 metre wide, and consisting of 3 layers of polypropylene, with a further plastic-bonded quartz sand layer, which has excellent sound and heat insulation properties. It decouples the tiles from the flooring below, significantly reducing footfall sound. The matting system also markedly insulates tiled floors from cold substructures. The matting can be used on many floor surfaces, such as screed or wood. It can be laid directly over old, existing flooring, thereby saving time.


DURABASE SW reduces the conduction of sound to storeys below and insulates floors against the cold. DURABASE SW is ideal for use in dry areas with minimum tile sizes from 20 x 20 cm. In damp areas, a seal between the SW matting and the tiled surface will be necessary.

Application areas:

SW matting is suitable for installation in private dwellings, business premises and offices with area loadsof up to 2.0 kN/m². DURABASE SW is suitable for laying over standardised underfloor heating systems in conjunction with ceramic tiles or natural stone paving, where they provide for the requisite heat insulation properties. Additional area heaters can also be operated above the SW matting in accordance with the manufacturer‘s specifications.

INSTALLATION (quick guide):

1. The floor making up the foundation must be dry and free of any material that would impair adhesion. It must be level and able to bear weight. Any possible corrections must be carried out prior to installation of DURABASE SW.

2. Prime the professionally prepared subsurface using a suitable adhesive primer.

3. Use a 4 x 4 mm serrated trowel to apply the thin-bed or flexible mortar to the subsurface. The adhesive should be chosen according to the subsurface type. With most subsurfaces, it is possible to use a hydraulic-setting flexible mortar, or a quick-bonding flexible adhesive in accordance with DIN EN 12004 / C2.

4. Lay the cut-to-size mats flush next to one another, without any gaps and across the entire surface of the dark-coloured side, preventing any adhesive from squeezing out over their edges. Then tap firmly with the smooth side of the serrated trowel.

5. Cut edge insulation strips measuring approx. 5 cm high from the DURABASE SW matting and affix all the way around the walls. All junctions between the mats and at edge connections may be covered over using self-adhesive sealing tape (approx. 2 cm wide) as required.

6. Once the tile adhesive has hardened sufficiently, the tiles or natural stone surfaces can be laid directly onto the matting using the thin-bed procedure.

N.B.: Please refer to our detailed installation instructions online at www.dural.com. The generally recognised rules of good engineering practice must always be observed! The following applies to all products /materials: suitability with respect to mechanical and chemical stresses must be checked carefully prior to installation of the mats. Protect the material from exposure to sunlight.

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