Bellota Bimaterial Handle Bucket Trowel 5849 - WOODEN HANDLE

Bellota Bimaterial Handle Bucket Trowel 5849 - Wooden Handle

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  • Made with special Bellota steel.
  • 280 x 110 x 180 mm - DIMENSIONS (LENGTH, WIDTH AND HEIGHT)
  • Wooden Handle
  • It won’t wobble. Perfect fit between blade and handle in beech, smooth to the touch. PEFC certified.
  • Will last a lifetime. Forged in a single piece and manufactured in special Bellota steel. Heat treated.
  • Prepare the cement mixture and spread it with the confidence that the trowel will never break.
  • Prepare cement and mortar and apply it to construction supports.
  • It won’t let you down. Rounded-tip, ideal for tiling.
  • Wide handle, specially designed for tapping tiles
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