Bellota 1.2mm Porcelain Tile Diamond Dry Cutting Disc 50734-S115-115mm

Bellota 1.2mm Thin Porcelain Tile Diamond Dry Cutting Disc 50734-S115 - 115mm

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  • Top quality, large, octagonal shaped diamonds for maximum performance and service life of the disc.
  • Diamonds are homogenous so that they are all of the same quality right around the rim of the disc.
  • Perfect joint between the core and segment which makes two parts into a single element.
  • Laser marking prevents information from being lost or the disc blade slowing down or becoming blunt.

Different types of segments: Blade Types

  • Segmented discs allow higher cutting speed. - Turbo discs provides greater finishing quality and cleaner cutting than segmented discs.
  • Continuous band discs ensure fine a accurate cutting.


  • To use in air cooled portable machines.
  • General purpose: cutting of materials not having extreme values of hardness or abrasion: roof tiles, terrazzo, bricks, concrete blocks, hydraulic tiles, etc.
  • Hard materials: cutting of materials with extreme values of hardness and average abrasion: granite, klinker, quartzite, porphyry, refractory brick, cured concrete, etc.
  • Abrasive materials: cutting of materials not very hard, but wearing out discs quickly because of their highly abrasive capacity: blocks, old concrete, silica terrazzo, asphalt, normal brick, sandstone, etc.
  • Ceramics materials: cutting of ceramic and porcelain materials.
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